Junkers of the EU

Report after report filters through of Mr Junkers and his drunken antics. Dipstick excuses for it, “medical condition”, “shoes too big” etc are not worth bothering with. It stands, the man has a serious alcohol problem. Which happens a lot.

The puzzle is why he remains in office. The problem is obvious and I would think as an employer the EU owes him a duty of care. Whether this is rehab and retirement or just retirement and a managed route to death, or even some other treatment, a treatment is needed. The problem should be addressed.

It speaks very poorly of the EU that it lacks the compassion and the resources to help Mr Junkers, just as, sadly, it speaks very poorly of Mr Junkers to beclown the institution he has given his life to.

Yet again: all political careers end in failure.

Low IQ Soldiers

The American army has a policy of not recruiting men who have an IQ below 83. This has been seen as discriminatory, (against whom? Do we want to go there? No).

However bitter experience in the Vietnam war showed that soldiers with IQs of below 83 were 3 times as likely to die on their tour of duty.

This is almost euthanasia, which is frowned on at the moment.

Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman’s skit on Corbyn, which was actually quite gentle and a bit crap, hit the mark because of the reaction. Comrade Snowflakes were outraged, it was BBC bias, a plot by Literally Hitler etc etc yawn.
But thing is little comrades of dim: your Blessed Leader did support the IRA. And he does support Hamas. And just like those idiot jocks when they think through the holes in their sporrans and support ‘anyone who plays England’, Corbyn supports anyone against The Great Satan, sod if they are homophobic, misogynistic, mass murdering asswipes: against Amerikkka and her allies is enough.

He’ll be the next Prime Minister, spurred on and voted for by the middle class morons.

Elephant, meet Room, 1

The Pence rule is along the lines of ‘never have a meeting or dinner alone with a woman who is not your wife’.
Much fun is being made of those who support VPOTUS’s rule, mostly on the grounds that he thinks men will not be able to control their lust for any woman not their wife.

This is wrong. It is because American women can’t be trusted to tell the truth and would as happily tell untruths to get ahead as they will make complete tits of themselves wearing ‘pussy hats’.

Men do this too, but in different ways. Often it is called ‘sales’.

The crap people come up with

Glancing over the fuss made over Abu of The Simpsons who is apparently “too minstrelsy” and the voiceover isn’t done by an Indian, blah fucking blah.

Theory du Jour.

America is full of graduates who have a liberal arts degree in some sort of identity/oppression studies. They are basically unemployable and unemployed so follow the only route open to them, a higher degree.

Obviously they need a peg to hang their world shattering work upon, and the effects of circumcision on transexual unicorns has been done to death, so they come up with …any old crap.. like Abu being too minstrelsy.